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Are indoor trampoline parks fun?

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Indoor trampoline parks are a popular form of exercise for children and offer health benefits, making them the perfect activity for people of all ages and health conditions. What are the health benefits of an indoor children's trampoline park? How to keep yourself safe while playing in an indoor trampoline park?


What are the health benefits of an indoor trampoline park?

Where should an indoor trampoline park be located?

What to watch out for when playing in an indoor trampoline park?


What are the health benefits of an indoor trampoline park?

1. Low impact aerobic exercise. Constantly bouncing on a trampoline will increase your heart rate and breathing rate, which will put you in the best area for fat burning. The soft surface of the trampoline stretches as you land, which makes it much less effective than other aerobic activities such as jogging. Bouncing puts much less pressure on the joints and does less damage.

2. Balance and coordination. The bouncy surface of the trampoline makes them difficult to balance. With practice, jumping on a trampoline can greatly improve your sense of balance and coordination. Jumping and balancing also help improve overall coordination. Keeping upright and jumping on a flexible surface helps develop flexibility and flexibility that contributes to overall coordination.

3. Stimulate the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is all over your body, just like your circulatory system; However, unlike your circulatory system, your lymphatic system does not have a circulating pump. When you jump on a trampoline, it stimulates the circulation of lymphatic tissue, allowing accumulated toxins to be expelled by your body and allowing you to detox naturally. The vibrations caused by jumping and landing help push lymph out of the tissue, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Stimulating the lymphatic system has also been shown to help prevent cancer.

4. A healthy digestive system. Aerobic exercise increases blood circulation and helps your digestive tract move food around and get rid of waste. Regular exercise helps promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut, which are responsible for breaking down food. This also helps reduce swelling by returning fluid to your digestive and cardiovascular systems. Also, it is recommended not to jump up within two hours of a meal.

 Indoor trampoline parks

Where should an indoor trampoline park be located?

A trampoline park is an indoor recreation facility filled with large trampolines, padded walls, foam pits, etc., for high-flying adventures. Each trampoline park offers a different level of service. For example, some may offer snacks and host large birthday parties and events for children. Others may focus on adults who want to develop their skills or fit in with certain aerobic activities. Profits from indoor children's trampoline parks can be found in the cost of jumping time. Each guest is charged for the jump time set in the park. Some trampoline parks may offer rental equipment or extra fees to access more advanced barriers.


In 2011, there were only about 40 trampoline parks in the entire United States. That number has increased by hundreds since then, but there is still plenty of room in the market. If trampoline parks don't exist in your city, you may have a niche market. indoor trampoline parks thrive in areas where active families with disposable income gather. Parents are looking for new, creative ways to get kids of all sizes out of the house to burn a little energy. Many are even willing to work on new, memorable family experiences. This makes trampoline parks ideal for rural areas that may not have other recreational facilities miles away.


What to watch out for when playing in an indoor trampoline park?

1. Jumping at an indoor trampoline park of almost any age, shape or ability is a fun and healthy activity.

2. Do not jump if you are pregnant or have any health problems

3. Jump only on the trampoline. Do not jump or land on a mat or platform. MATS are hard and can hurt your feet, knees, back and ankles

4. Always jump and land on both feet - this is vital for safety. To perform a safe landing (or jump stop), keep your feet apart, legs apart, knees bent, and arms in front of you

5. Avoid jumping on another trampoline. Jumping on a occupied trampoline while playing in an indoor trampoline park can be dangerous

6. If you fall, try landing or "rolling". The key is to keep the arms close to the body so as not to twist the wrists or hurt our arms/elbows/shoulders

7. Does not flip, reverse, or cheat on fill

8. No houses, wrestling, matches, tackles, shovels or CARDS

9. Do not wear belt buckles, dress buckles, keys, key chains or sharp objects on clothing or in pockets. Empty your pockets before you jump

10. There are no "foreign objects" on the trampoline - balls, phones, cameras, etc

11. Do not wear shoes while playing in an indoor trampoline park


Indoor trampoline parks are not only a place for children to play, but also a great way to improve the health of the whole family.If you need to purchase a variety of high quality equipment for indoor children's trampoline parks at a reasonable price, Kiddi Amusement Co., Ltd., will provide you with the best products.



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