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How do you make an outdoor playground safe?

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Why is outdoor playground safety important? How to ensure that children play safely in outdoor playgrounds? How to make outdoor children playgrounds fun and safe?


Why is outdoor playground safety important?

How to ensure that children play safely in an outdoor playground?

What materials should be selected for a safe outdoor playground surface?


Why is outdoor playground safety important?

Outdoor playgrounds provide fresh air, friends, fun and exercise for children. But it's important to make sure that faulty equipment, inappropriate surfaces, and unsafe behavior don't spoil the fun. Every year, more than 200,000 children are treated in hospitals for playground injuries. Many of these accidents could have been prevented by careful supervision. You can keep your children entertained and safe on the playground by checking equipment for possible hazards and following some simple safety guidelines. It's important to teach kids how to play safely: if they know the rules of the playground, they're less likely to get hurt.

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How to ensure that children play safely in an outdoor playground?

1. Adults can help prevent injuries by making sure children use outdoor playground equipment correctly. If there is an injury, an adult can immediately help the child with first aid.

2. Children should be supervised by an adult in the outdoor playground. Keep an eye on younger (and sometimes older) children because they can't always be sure of the distance and may not anticipate dangerous situations. Older children like to test their limits in the playground, so it's important for adults to control them.

3. Before visiting an outdoor children playground, make sure it is designed so adults can clearly see children playing on various devices.

4. Don't push or fight while climbing a ladder, slide, seesaw, swing, or other equipment.

5. Use the equipment properly - slip on both feet first, don't climb over the fence, don't stand on the swing, etc.

6. If they are about to jump off the device or slide, make sure no other kids are in the way, feet on the ground and knees slightly bent.

7. Keep bikes, backpacks and bags away from equipment and exercise areas so no one trips over them.

8. Always wear a helmet when biking, but take it off when using playground equipment.

9. Never use wet playground equipment because it can make the ground slippery.

10. Check playground equipment during the summer. It can become uncomfortable and even dangerously hot, especially on metal slides, handrails and steps. So use good judgment -- if the device is hot to the touch, it's probably not safe or fun to play with. Contact burns can occur in seconds.


What materials should be selected for a safe outdoor playground surface?

1. Pea gravel or sand. Neither is perfect, but both offer more protection than hard soil. They are also relatively cheap and natural, which makes them environmentally friendly. You need to put a barrier around the toy, however, to prevent sand or gravel from spreading to the rest of the yard. Be careful when the sand is wet, because it gets harder and won't land very soft. You also have to rake the sand or gravel back occasionally, because the wind may blow them out of the fence. Finally, you should check periodically for dangerous objects that might be buried in the sand.

2. Mulch is relatively cheap, easy to obtain and good for the environment. It's also sturdy and unlikely to blow away. This is a popular buffer playground option because it works well. Many public playgrounds trust it, and it will make a great toy for your backyard. Mulch becomes firm every few years, so it is necessary to add a new layer at the top. It also degrades naturally, so eventually, you need to replace it completely.

3. Crushed rubber this type of surface is more loosely filled than other types, but it is still cheaper than solid rubber. It's also a good way to recycle old tires. With broken rubber, you have to build a barrier to keep it from spilling into the yard and clean it back up from time to time, especially in crowded areas like under swings.

4. Poured - in - Place rubber material that you can provide the best protection. It is also the most expensive and unnatural look.

5. But it is hard to overstate the level of protection it provides. It's also the most durable option on the list, and once it's in place, no maintenance is required.


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