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How often should soft toddler play be cleaned?

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As with any toddler play device, it needs to be cleaned and maintained so it can continue to function properly. Then, how often should soft toddler play be cleaned and maintained? How do you keep soft toddler play clean?


How often should soft toddler play devices be cleaned?

Why do you clean the soft toddler play center regularly?

How do you keep soft toddler play clean?


How often should soft toddler play devices be cleaned?

According to the BSEN 1176 (European and British standard) document on the safe operation of soft game frameworks, the law requires that equipment be properly cleaned and maintained at all times, with minimum annual inspection by qualified personnel. Failure to do so may expose you and your business to liability for claims. This means that if you have a reportable accident, your insurance company may set aside a provision for expected future claims, which is likely to affect future premiums in the long term. Therefore, it is best to be safe in all work that knows that a safe environment has been provided to the customer, and to be able to demonstrate this through an independent, auditable inspection and maintenance process. 

In fact, we recommend that any site make at least two maintenance visits a year, regardless of its size or turnover, and you can make other visits at your discretion depending on how busy the site is. If any accidents or incidents occur on your site, this will give you a good reputation and help to show the public that you are a diligent operator.

 Soft toddler play

Why do you clean the soft toddler play center regularly?

1. An indoor playground avoids the rain, wind and dust that an outdoor playground might encounter. However, even if your play area is indoors, plan to keep the indoor playground clean. Tiny hands can cause some big problems, so plan ahead to make sure your playground stays healthy and attractive throughout the year. Keeping a playground clean involves preventing chaos, conducting regular cleaning, and resolving unexpected situations. One way to keep playgrounds clean is to take steps to prevent chaos in the first place. This does not mean that you can avoid all the clutter or skip equipment cleaning, but it can help keep your equipment clean between regular cleaning or the occasional wipe. Preventive cleaning techniques include:

2. Provide trash cans. It is much easier to keep the play area clean if there are bins that people can use. Be sure to put up signs to remind family members to use trash cans and organize. If you can make it easier to keep clean, you'll have less cleaning to do.

3. Keep snacks separate. When children are allowed to enjoy snacks and drinks on rides or around games, you may encounter more chaos - including sticky spills and hard-to-clean bread crumbs. By creating a separate snack area, you can maintain a food-free play area and keep equipment clean.

4. Hand sanitizer stations are provided. It's a good idea to have a bathroom and sink near the bathroom so children can wash their hands before playing. This can also help prevent children from spreading viruses or other bacteria.


How do you keep soft toddler play clean?

1. The user manual and instructions attached to the soft toddler play device provide the best information on how to clean the structure, including detergents and cleaning methods to avoid. For example, the recommended method of cleaning foam may differ from the method of cleaning plastic playground equipment, so it is wise to pay attention to any special requirements of the equipment. The manual will also provide you with more detailed information about the bulk cleanup.

2. First use soap and water to remove dirt and anything sticky. For most coated metal and plastic materials, wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. You can use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt from the plastic, get into the crevices and clean the ropes. Do not use paper towels on any surfaces that may be scratched, such as domes and Windows, and avoid using any scrub scrubbers unless the instructions for your game equipment specify that these cleaning methods are safe.

3. Then, disinfect or disinfect your soft toddler play device with a non-toxic cleaning product listed as safe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sterilization, which is designed to kill bacteria completely, reduces bacterial populations to safe levels. Be sure to use a non-toxic disinfectant or disinfectant to remove bacteria that can spread viruses, fungi and bacteria.

4. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting every day, you hope to pay attention to whether there are any stains or grime on the device of soft toddler play. The stain on the window is probably the most obvious. You can use an ammonia-free cleaner to clean the window. Cleaning the indoor stadium daily, especially if it is used too much, will help keep it clean.


In order to maintain the robustness and long-term service life of soft toddler play, regular maintenance, maintenance and cleaning are needed to ensure the safety of the device. As a precaution, it is absolutely necessary to clean soft toddler play regularly. If you need to purchase a variety of high quality equipment for soft toddler play at a reasonable price, Kiddi Amusement Co., Ltd., will provide you with the best products.


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