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How to Choose a Theme for Your indoor playground?

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When children play in indoor playground, they naturally gravitate to the main playground, such as castles, forests or beaches. How can you choose a popular theme for your indoor playground? Why do malls often have an indoor play area?


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  • How to choose a theme for indoor playground?

  • Why an indoor playground?

  • What are the benefits of building an indoor playground for the mall?


How to choose a theme for indoor playground?

1.Your organization and location. Sometimes, the right theme comes from who you are and where your playground is. If you are near a beach and your organization has a wavy image on its logo, then a beachfront theme may be an organic choice. If you're in Texas or the west, the wild west theme might be a good choice.

2. Consider the age of the visitor. Younger children may respond better to neutral themed playgrounds (such as forest or green space) with a forest-themed theme. Older children may enjoy fire engine themes, medieval themes or other adrenaline-pumping adventure themes. Older children may also enjoy subjects that involve more exercise. Something like a ship can be exciting!

3. Your space. You may want your indoor children's playground to be like a giant boat, but if you have a small space and a low ceiling, then another option might be better.

4. Your budget. indoor playground themes can be used on different budgets, but keep in mind that simpler game areas with fewer customizations may be most wallet friendly if you are on a tight budget.


Why an indoor playground?

Indoor playground are popular because they provide comfortable and safe play areas and give children a chance to burn energy, regardless of the weather. Parents and caregivers can relax when children are free to explore fun games and stimulating activities. In addition, parents are aware of the importance of physical exercise in childhood. According to the American heart association, obesity is a major concern for parents today, and the prevalence of childhood obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s. Indoor recreation areas encourage physical activity in a fun way. Children are more motivated to burn calories and stay healthy when they are busy laughing and playing. Children play regularly to reduce stress, make friends and develop important cognitive skills. Parents also want their children to stay away from TV and computer screens. The average American child spends five to seven hours a day in front of a screen. Too much screen time can make it difficult to fall asleep at night, increase the risk of attention problems and limit physical activity. With the need to help kids get healthy and away from screens, now is the perfect time to start an indoor playground business. Indoor playground businesses can be highly profitable in areas with large populations of children and parents' disposable income. Likewise, communities that experience long winters or frequent rains can benefit from indoor children's playground.


What are the benefits of building an indoor playground for the mall?

There are many reasons to build an indoor playground at your existing company or from scratch. Here are some benefits for your business:

1.Attract customers and keep them coming back: families and children want to visit businesses that bring fun and positive memories. For example, in a restaurant with an indoor children's playground where everyone in the family can amuse themselves, they are more likely to linger, eat and return home.

2. Differentiate yourself from your competitors: suppose you own a health and fitness center. On the street is another gym. Imagine that your fitness center has a child-care area filled with colorful, exciting indoor play area, while another location does not. Which fitness center are busy parents more likely to choose?

3. Build brand loyalty: when designing the stadium, you can choose to display the logo and company colors. Custom playgrounds are an easy way to promote your brand and build customer loyalty. If customers have a good time in your business, they will remember your name and will definitely come back.

4. Tailor-made game experience: you can build a playground to meet the needs of target customers and promote exciting, interesting games of all ages. Customers' children will enjoy the physical and mental benefits of games when they visit your business.

5. Make your customers feel at home: your business will make them feel comfortable and bring their children to your organization. A child-friendly environment that promotes play will encourage customers to come back again and again.


Choosing a good indoor amusement park theme is not complicated, just making a specific theme to fit your space. If you need to purchase a variety of high quality equipment for indoor playground at a reasonable price, Kiddi Amusement Co., Ltd., will provide you with the best products.


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