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How to Maintain The Slide Playground

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1. The large playground slides should be inspected every 15 days.

2. The staff could do conduct daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections on the slide playground.

3. the staff should check the slide before it is reopened. Where the passengers may touch, no exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, etc. are allowed. There should be no cracks, deformations, fractures, etc., and repair in time if abnormalities are found.

4. There will be dust accumulation on the surface of the slide regularly, so it should be cleaned with detergent regularly to ensure the smooth surface of the slide.

5. In case of severe weather such as hail, the slide should be covered with colored tarpaulins in advance to ensure that the surface of the slide will not be damaged by the hail.

6. When the slide is out of service for a long time, the slide should be wrapped tightly with colored tarpaulins to avoid sunlight and delay the aging of the gel coat surface of the slide.

7. Check the slide connecting fasteners, and tighten them in time if they are found to be loose.

8. Check the fasteners of the slide column, if there is any looseness, tighten them.

9. Check the foundation of the slide equipment, and if the foundation is loose, shifted, or offset, the foundation should be reinforced in time.

10. Check the aging degree of the slide, and if the chute is too aging, please promptly ask the equipment manufacturer to appraise whether it can continue to be used.


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