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How to set up outdoor playground?

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A good outdoor playground will make the property more family-friendly and increase the fun for children. Of course, safety is the most important thing when choosing outdoor children playground equipment, so how do you set up an outdoor playground?


What should I pay attention to when setting up an outdoor playground?

What are the ways to install outdoor playground equipment?



What should I pay attention to when setting up an outdoor playground?

Most outdoor playground equipment with swings, slides and other enticing features is made of plastic, metal or wood. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but a game set made from any of these materials can be integrated into your landscape, seamlessly transiting from the play area to other functional areas of the courtyard or common areas. This is especially important if you choose a ground cover for a playground that visually complements other ground cover and landscape features in the area. Since safety is one of the most important features of any children's play area, this should be considered from the beginning of the design process. The playground you choose should be flat. If necessary, have a professional come and install your game set for proper drainage and ensure a flat surface. Look for potential hazards in the area, such as low-hanging branches or power lines that may be too close to the device or children playing on it. Exposure to nature can shorten the life of playground equipment or increase the need for maintenance. Children can also be at risk if metal equipment gets too hot in direct sunlight, or if a swing slips in the rain.


Building your outdoor playground under the canopy provides natural shade and protection. Alternatively, you may want to consider installing a shading structure to provide shading. Make sure the play area is much larger than the actual play structure to make sure there is enough room to land safely after a jump from a slide or swing. You also need to define play Spaces with boundaries to keep your ground covered where it belongs, provide a designated play area, and help ensure that your child's play area is in harmony with your overall landscape design. A paved walkway or patio is a good boundary for a play area. Non-slip, non-slip paving stones can help limit potential damage while significantly enhancing the visual appeal of your yard or common areas. If you already have a paving stone terrace or pool deck, or plan to install one, this will also help integrate your playground area into your other landscape and hard landscape. Finally, you should keep your play structure in a place where it can be easily seen by an adult or a child caretaker. If your outdoor play area is in a common area of multiple homes, you may need to add benches or other seating for parents to watch their children play. You also need to make sure your play area is well lit and away from busy streets. Ideally, your game structure will be safe, low-maintenance, attractive and affordable.

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What are the ways to install outdoor playground equipment?

1. Performed to an amusement park facility. These types of installations are purchased by the people themselves or by the people they choose who are not professionals. This method of installation is by far the cheapest and most dangerous. Fortunately, most companies don't fail to provide a warranty just because the device is self-installed. Before starting a project, make sure you and your volunteers are experienced. If you have decided to use this method, you will not receive an installation guarantee. The outdoor playground equipment will be trucked in. The truck driver is not obligated to help you load the equipment. They also don't have the tools to help you through the installation process. You may need to clear trees or rocks from the site surface. Prior to installation, notify the local utility company and bring it to the site to mark the water or gas lines. You can also mark wires, irrigation pipes and cables.

2. Supervise playground facilities. This is more expensive than self-installation, but still cheaper than professional installation. We can call it the best of both worlds. You can decide to bring in community volunteers to build community pride. It would also motivate people to maintain the playground because they would feel responsible for building it. It creates a sense of management that will lead to outdoor playgrounds being better served from their owners. Whenever a professional comes to help with the installation, they are paid on a daily basis. Determine how many volunteers are available each day to avoid crowding.

3. Professional facilities. These types of installations are provided by experienced, manufacturer certified and insurance installers providing first-class service. These professionals will carry equipment and lay out surfaces that may be installed. They will assemble the equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications. Then they will clean up. Some installation packages also include surface treatment. Installation is guaranteed for one year. Professional installation has the advantage of time and efficiency. If you had hired a company to do this installation, you would have given the kids in the outdoor children playground more confidence, not you, to tighten the screws on the slide.



You may need to balance this out by paying a little more for safer options, or accept some maintenance to ensure the visual appeal of outdoor playgrounds, but for the safety and fun of children, it's worth the investment. If you need to purchase a variety of high quality equipment for outdoor playground at a reasonable price, Kiddi Amusement Co., Ltd., will provide you with the best products.


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