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What Is The Indoor Playground Equipment

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What is the indoor playground? In short, it is indoor paly center, which includes the most popular play equipment and the emergent Areas. As you can see in such places of the shopping mall, almost all indoor playgrounds are centered around the Naughty Castle, supplemented by emerging Areas, however both are getting more and more inseparable. Well, do you know what kinds of indoor playground equipment should be provided with in an indoor playground? Hopefully my presentation will help you to clarify the product classification. 

According to the current amusement industry classification, there are seven main categories of indoor playground equipment. They are the rainbow crocheted playground, the wooden slide, the toddler play, the climbing wall, the rope course and the ball blaster. These are all combined in a naughty castle design, which may be very large and multiple levels, just as climbing structures, slides, play panels, and stations. The following are the formulation of each indoor playground equipment. 


The rainbow crocheted playground was born in Japan, also called as knitted wonder space. It is indeed an innovative amusement project for kids’ playing with both attractive and multiple play-design. Recently it also becomes a parent-child amusement equipment, and is brought into many education activities in parent-child relationship, on which they can do climbing, walking, running, swing, jumping, crawling, etc. There are different types and different size of the crocheted playground, which we will provide according to your needs. One of the most popular ones at present is Children Rainbow Crocheted Kids Indoor Playground Equipment. Which is dexterous in design and combines safe and interesting together. As soon as the kids get on them, they will forget the uneasiness and enjoy the happiness.


The wooden slide series is a dreamlike indoor playground equipment to each kid, which is funny and secure featuring high side rails. They are made of sustainable board and beech with durable construction, generally they are the combination of slide with house structure, or slide with wooden bridge, always colored of original main part with low saturation soft part, so was set in many places, the home, the indoor playground center, the education institutions, the shopping mall, etc.

The toddler play is bright-colored soft playground, mainly for the age 0-12yrs, can be constructed into various structures with the soft geometric blocks. The main types of the products are ball pool and structure blocks. This cutely themed toddler play can be a great add-on to a commercial indoor playground, or a soft play area for kid’s related business, they are also great highly durable toys for the home use. The kids can make them into different structures, and share the works with others, by which exercise their logical mind. 

The climbing wall is an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet, a challenging game equipment of indoor playground. Some walls are bricks or wooden but the modern walls are often made of thick multiplex board with holes drilled into, and recently used the manufactured steel and aluminum, the material and the pattern of which is in constant innovation moving with the times. There are places to attach the belay ropes on the wall but may also be used to practice lead climbing and bouldering. And the safety property of the climbing wall is also very high, since the staffs will conduct and correct the kids how to play with.

The rope course is an indoor/outdoor game equipment of crossing a rope route, which is a challenging personal development and team building activity usually consists of high and/or low elements. When the designer devises an interesting route structure, it will bring tremendous pleasure and accomplishment to the kids crossing the rope course, so the designing of the route is very important. One modern rope course is incorporate sophisticated belay and safety systems using wire rope, friction devices, and climbing harnesses to manage what before were unmanaged risks. The rope course has become one of the most popular outreach projects for children of all ages at present.

The ball blaster, also known as ball city or ball battle, which is an extremely exciting and adventuresome games, making the kids share the delight of shooting. It features fun ball shooting events such as using the vacuum cannons and blasters launching countless soft foam balls all over the place. The kids love to surround themselves with these foam balls for an exciting game of ball shooting and dodging. When having an indoor playground party for birthday and event, the gun battle is often the highlight of the premium.

The above are the indoor playground equipment, however, with the development which will increase more and more types and playing ways of the equipment. Now if you want to start an indoor playground, you will get a clear classification in your mind, and if you need to learn more about the Professional knowledge, click our company, and with our professional knowledge and design team we will provide you a satisfactory solution.

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