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What equipment do you need for an outdoor playground?

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When selecting new outdoor playground equipment, you will find many different materials used to build it. How to choose the right surface and structural materials according to your needs, customize your outdoor playground? What kind of equipment should a good outdoor playground have?


Outdoor playground equipment and materials

Why are outdoor playgrounds so popular?

What are the safety features to consider in an outdoor playground?

How to ensure the safety of outdoor playground equipment?


Outdoor playground equipment and materials

Most commercial-grade game structures are made of plastic, metal, wood, or a combination of these materials. Commercially available plastic toys come in a variety of attractive colors, and although plastic is less durable than metal, it is also safer for children if they fall. These features make it a great choice of materials for indoor gaming devices, structures for young players, and indie stations. If you're looking for greener playground materials, consider recycling plastic game structures. Larger outdoor equipment may be made of metal or wood, and heavy traffic equipment such as slides, swings, and climbers on public playgrounds are usually made of metal. Commercial grade metal playground equipment is made of very durable steel and is coated in a variety of bright colors. Due to its natural appearance and customizable nature, wood is a popular material for sports equipment in residential playgrounds. Wooden game sets can be easily rearranged with fun add-ons and in new configurations.


Although both playground equipment materials have a long life and are very sturdy, both metal and wood require proper maintenance to prevent damage. Metal equipment needs to be sealed to prevent rust and safety coatings to prevent heat-related injuries. Wood needs broader climate protection and signs of environmental damage must be carefully assessed. In addition to your game gear, you may need to select supporting materials for certain fixtures. For example, operational play stations usually require sand or water, while educational nature play stations may need to add child-friendly greenery.

 Outdoor playground

Why are outdoor playgrounds so popular?

Studies have shown that playing outdoors can reduce children's stress levels the most, reduce their risk of childhood obesity, and even help them improve their concentration. However, with the spread of today's technology, many parents work hard to help their children achieve a healthy balance between showtime and outdoor activities. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that children exercise for at least 60 minutes or more a day. Activities for younger children include running, jumping and mountain climbing exercises. All of these exercises can be achieved through activities such as tagging, playing team sports, cycling, swimming or even just playing in the jungle gym. According to a recent Gallup survey, 62% of parents aged 2 to 10 want their children to spend time away from home. Despite the Numbers, many parents are still reluctant to let their children play outdoors because of traffic fears or a lack of play areas nearby. They naturally want to put their children in safe, secure and supervised play areas. Installing a secure backyard playground is an easy way to create a safe and fun outdoor environment that the entire family can enjoy.


What are the safety features to consider in an outdoor playground?

1. Sturdy beam construction: playground equipment can be made of many different materials. Many companies use wooden beams that are pieced together in different ways of cutting and are therefore prone to deformation, cracking and buckling. Many wooden structure are made from untreated wood that is vulnerable to pests, distortion and fungus, or treated with toxic chemicals that are harmful to children, pets and the environment. You are looking for companies that use solid beam structures and wood such as cedar, which has natural durability and is resistant to decay, pests and mold.

2. Sturdy hardware: While the wood used on outdoor playgrounds is extremely important, so is the metal used to connect sets and hold different parts and components together. You want to make sure that the basic parts are made of hot-dipped galvanized metal, which is resistant to corrosion, which may weaken the playground and make it unsafe. Multi-beam joints mean that the joints remain tight, ensuring a firm and safe playing field.

3. Textured and powder coated handles, ladders, handrails, handles and swing chains reduce the chance of small hands slipping. They also cool the swing chain in hot weather.

4. No obstacles and receding type hardware bolts and other hardware will not protrude and occur obstacles, cutting or squeezing. Being tied up is a huge safety hazard, causing many injuries each year.

5. The double-walled track is smooth and has no bolts or wood reinforcement, which may result in cuts, fractures or punctures.

6. A soft, non-shattering rope treated to resist uv damage that can weaken and break the rope.


How to ensure the safety of outdoor playground equipment?

1. Safe playground space: outdoor playground space should be inspected prior to construction and deemed safe and appropriate. This means that there is a solid level ground below. Your playground space should be away from power lines, dangling branches, fences, swimming pools and other potential hazards. Swings, slides and other components must be placed with sufficient clearance to function properly.

2. Regular observation: Adults should be checked every two weeks for loose or damaged hardware, rope and chain wear, ladders, swing seats, and any other areas of damage that may cause injury to children or the game machine is weak. Repair or replace any affected areas if necessary.

3. Regular maintenance: Regular, it may be necessary to tighten up the outdoor playground hardware. Once a year, you should treat it with a non-toxic sealant. Areas exposed to direct sunlight should also be regularly repaired. In cold climates where temperatures can reach 0 degrees or lower, plastic parts (such as swing chairs) should be brought indoors or not used, as they can break under extreme temperatures.

4. Adult supervision: Children should be supervised at all times by responsible adults while playing. Teach your child how to use each device correctly and safely and how to keep a safe distance from other users. Ensure that each child meets the appropriate height and weight requirements for safe play and that the number of children playing on the console does not exceed the safety guidelines. Make sure your child wears appropriate (not loose) clothing while playing and appropriate footwear for traction. They should be taught not to jump off platforms, attics, slides or swings, and not to play in ways that may put themselves or others in danger.


Outdoor playground equipment depends on your preferences and can be used with a variety of components, including swings, slides, climbing equipment and other game features that can be customized for a child's age and level of ability or even changed as the child grows up.If you need to purchase a variety of high quality equipment for outdoor playground at a reasonable price, Kiddi Amusement Co., Ltd., will provide you with the best products.



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