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What is the Cost of an Indoor Playground

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Do you know the investment of an indoor playground is a very fashionable decision? Because more and more parents and kids from 0 to 12yrs are attracted by these creative indoor playgrounds, so what is the cost of an indoor playground equipment? Based on years of experience, our company have professional teams in design and budget, and have helped many play centers from different cities and countries start the particular and successful indoor play playgrounds.

Below are some of our professional advices we can provide you in what you need to know about starting an indoor playground. If you want to learn more about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us to obtain the assistant you need.

There is one thing you have to know is that, the proportion of the play equipment in the whole play center is about 50%, so a successful management of an indoor playground must consideration these other aspects, such as Art and Craft Area, the Party Room, the vending Area and the Café Area and so on, for which making the play center more abundant and wonderful.



It depends on the size of the factory in which you target your market. If you are only for the age from 0 to 5yrs, then the targeting play equipment should be the soft series, however, the space required is quite small, maybe 400m2 is enough. If you targeting for all groups, the minimum factory size is 700 or 800m2. But as a play center, the best scale considered should be over 1000m2. There is another important factor is the height of the play factory. A toddler center could be set the height of three lane slide as 4 to 6 meters, but for the multi-age should be 7 to 10 meters. 


It is almost impossible to accurately calculate the budget of the indoor playground, since many factors may influent the budget. If have to provide a general idea of the budget, maybe around $500 per square meter should be considered for the total cost of the indoor playground. Since the cost varies greatly with different building structure, you will obtain the accurate quote when you provide the building layout and the access of the play equipment according to our current catalogue and price list. 



Food area: the decoration style designs in a cafe style which mainly supply of light food but good quality, hot dog, chips, hamburger, etc. Note, the food price should be not too high but good in quality and presentation.


The manners of staff must be an important part concerning the atmosphere of the indoor playground center and the customer experience. They should be polite and patient to the kids, and should make the kids knowing how to play on the relative difficult play equipment and what should be attention to. Another necessary thing to get to notice is the cleanliness of the center. If parents experience a dirty indoor playground, they may return never.

The advices above are summarized from many indoor playgrounds over years, which must be very helpful for you who want to start an indoor playground business.

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