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What makes a good outdoor playground?

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The joy in the children's faces and the sound of happiness in their voices show their joy in being able to play and socialize in the community. Schools and outdoor playgrounds are often the basis of friendships over the past few years. What is the role of the outdoor children playgrounds in child development? What makes a good outdoor playground?


What are the characteristics of a good outdoor playground?

The health benefits of outdoor playgrounds for children



What are the characteristics of a good outdoor playground?

1. We need the spirit of innovation, especially the aspect of experiential project innovation, and through the combination of innovation, the cost is relatively low, but also easy to succeed. Which contains both the internal combination between the different amusement equipment project, also including the aquatic amusement projects and the combination of indoor playground project, combining to form a new leisure entertainment experience, but this kind of outdoor children's playground equipment portfolio requirements not only novel and unique, comfortable, and to ensure the safety, reasonable function, functional area allocated appropriately.

2. Atmosphere boring old children outdoor playground is to attract children, can be replaced by the ground tile, wall painting, children's playground around open seats to rearrange, and free of amusement field site redesign to improve the overall environment, build new amusement atmosphere, overall implementation playgroups updates.

3. Many operators still rely on ticket fees for revenue. The more customers you have, the more money you will make. But we should pay attention to the stable long-term development, then customer satisfaction is very important. In the service industry, the most important thing is customer satisfaction. Consumer satisfaction is high, that customer loyalty will be high, regular customers will be more and more, park user evaluation will be high. Therefore, to improve our customer satisfaction, we need to start from the small things to improve the responsibility awareness of the staff, so that they pay attention to the little things in daily life, so that the staff from a large number of small places to serve the integrity of children and parents projects.

4. Today's ability to compete more and more big, from all walks of life both in which service industry manufacturing industry must have its own characteristics to the market, the outdoor children's playground are like that, actually each outdoor children's playground also must want to have their own characteristics, can't just don't follow the pace, others buy what children's amusement equipment, I also do the same, others which festival activities planning, so do I. In fact, this is very dangerous, without their own characteristics will eventually be replaced by others.

 outdoor children playgrounds

The health benefits of outdoor playgrounds for children

1. Reduce obesity: Parents probably know better than they do now that children spend many hours a day in front of a TV screen or computer monitor, leading to less activity and sedentary behavior in general. Bringing your child outdoors for at least an hour a day can help reduce obesity and improve their physical and mental health.

2. Boost immune systems: When children spend more time playing in outdoor playgrounds, they typically spend less time at home getting sick. Free play helps build a strong immune system.

3. Improve your homework: As you get older, your parents may have told you to finish your homework before you leave home. As it turns out, your parents might be wrong. Studies show that even letting children play outside for 20 minutes makes it easier for them to deal with homework and school work when they get back inside. When your children come home, ask them to put down their textbooks and go outside to play. It can help them release pent-up anxiety and depression and encourage them to relax while dealing with homework.

4. Lower anxiety: Any parent who has seen a child on a rainy Saturday afternoon knows how much bottled energy a child can store in that little body and how it causes anxiety and depression. When the sun comes out, open the door or take them to the playground and let them burn.

5. Sleep help: This is an outdated song, but kids who spend a lot of time playing outdoors tend to sleep much better, go to bed much earlier, and wake up more relaxed than kids who spend a lot of time indoors.



An outdoor playground has many positive effects on children. A popular outdoor playground requires many elements, including the selection of outdoor playground equipment. If you need to purchase a variety of high quality equipment for outdoor playground at a reasonable price, Kiddi Amusement Co., Ltd., will provide you with the best products.



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