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What preparation measures should the indoor trampoline park do during the corona-virus?

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The corona-virus has greatly affected everyone's choice of indoor playgrounds. To attract passengers, people must be convinced that the indoor trampoline park they take their children to is safe and hygienic. So during the epidemic, what preparations should the indoor trampoline park make?


  • Preparatory measures for indoor trampoline playground during the epidemic

  • How to keep the indoor trampoline playground clean?

  • in conclusion


Preparatory measures for indoor trampoline playground during the epidemic


1.In the extraordinary period when the pneumonia epidemic is not over, the store manager and operation team of the trampoline park should set up an epidemic prevention and control team to formulate an epidemic prevention and control plan based on the actual situation of the park, the epidemic prevention and control plan before the opening of the park, the preparation plan for the resumption of the park, and after the opening of the park Prevention and control plan and emergency plan. Use online tools such as WeChat to carry out various types of epidemic prevention and control propaganda and education for all employees in the trampoline park to popularize the knowledge of the staff on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus. Prepare and collect all the materials needed for epidemic prevention and control for the resumption of work and the opening of the park, such as 75% medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer, disposable hand sanitizer, watering can, disposable protective mask (general medical surgical protective mask or N95/KN95 Type mask), playground special disinfection machine and disinfectant, etc.

2. The indoor trampoline park operation team resumed work at home in advance, carried out the trampoline publicity work in advance, and listed the important work priorities of the trampoline park before resuming work; at the same time, some cleaning and employees performed the anti-epidemic and disinfection work of the trampoline park in accordance with the safety training and the trampoline park disinfection process , And keep the clean and epidemic prevention videos and pictures, mark the date and organize them and send them to the trampoline hall epidemic prevention and control team and the contact person of the relevant superior department for inspection and filing. Attach importance to and unify everyone's opinions, mobilize all employees of the trampoline hall, and use channels and methods such as self-media platforms and posters to implement the daily publicity work of the park's daily epidemic prevention work.


3. Let everyone in the trampoline hall take the initiative to greet members of the trampoline park by phone or WeChat. Good customer operations and marketing strategies in advance are of great significance to the opening of our trampoline park. Plan a large wave of benefits and free gifts in advance for customers and parents. Really feel the sincerity and concern of our trampoline park, show off the epidemic prevention and cleaning work of our indoor trampoline hall, and directly publish a series of prize-winning games related to the trampoline park in the existing fan group or WeChat circle of friends. Through various small gifts, Add more members of the trampoline park to the fan group. While managing the fan group of the trampoline park, solve some life problems for the trampoline member fans under the conditions of the ability: for example, how many masks can be sent to the client community to help those in difficulties Customers deliver meals and living supplies. These investments are not big but can bring reputation to the trampoline park.

How to keep the indoor trampoline playground clean?

1.The indoor trampoline park needs regular cleaning. All visible surfaces must be cleaned weekly with a damp cloth or soapy water. But there is more. Most of the dust accumulates in places where children play least. Think about the area under the trampoline, the inaccessible area, and the less used corners. Remember to include them in your weekly cleaning. Another tip to simplify cleaning: use a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. Use the power cord is no longer troublesome, use the wireless vacuum cleaner to clean quickly and flexibly.

2. The indoor trampoline playground has a high usage rate. Usually, the smaller damage will be the prelude to the larger damage. This is why it is important to identify damage as quickly as possible. We recommend that you perform daily inspections. For example, check the connection points, tuffs, ties and nets in the structure. Also verify that all obstacles are still hanging in the correct position.

3. The slide will wear out and become hard, which is not conducive to safety and entertainment. Teflon spray can keep the sliding surface permanently shiny. Do not spray the entire surface, but only the first meter. The user will spread the spray across the slide.

4. It is always useful to have spare parts that are prone to wear. Is there a power supply or spider tower in your indoor playground? The elastic band may break due to wear. It is useful to have some spare parts, so you can easily replace them.

5. Pre - packaged candies become sticky trash. Wrapping paper and paper stick to the game structure and attract dust. You can provide candies without wrapping paper or packaging. Another advantage is that it is very ecological.


In conclusion

Regular maintenance of the indoor trampoline park during the epidemic will help its service life, safety and hygiene. Of course, it is necessary to ensure that the playground uses qualified trampoline equipment. If you need to purchase a variety of high quality equipment for indoor trampoline park at a reasonable price, Kiddi Amusement Co., Ltd., will provide you with the best products.


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