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What's the benefits of indoor playground?

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Playing slides

1. Promoting the baby's tactile development, let the baby experience the different tactile sensations during playing various slides, and promote the tactile development.

2. Playing slide is the kids' first feeling of "speed". Different length and slope slides bring different speed experiences to the kids. Most babies' initial feelings of speed come from the process of playing slides.

3. Exercising coordination ability and enhance physical control. From the course of the slide, the kid needs to master his own balance and speed, and has gained the exercise of physical coordination.

4. Promoting the development of the great movement. Kids who often play on the slide will have a good balance. Good balance is the basis of their athletic ability.

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Playing trampoline park

Sports psychology research believes that trampoline exercise is very in line with the psychological characteristics of children's entertainment and exercise. Persistence in exercise will make children's leg muscles, cerebellar balance nervous system and brain nervous system more developed, and also can promote bone growth.

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Ball Pit Training

Training the development of tactile function and improving the coordination ability of the body. When a child rolls or jumps in the ball pool, the frictional contact between the body and the ocean ball can get rich tactile stimuli. In order to modify its tactile defense, strengthen the tactile proprioception training.

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Playing electric merry-go-round

Carousel is an important item in children's play equipment. The colorful appearance and the design of cartoon images make children's knowledge of colors and beautiful things very beneficial, and can cultivate children's aesthetics. The merry-go-round is mostly designed according to children's instincts for drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping, shaking, etc. It is very good for children's physical fitness. And multiple children playing together can develop children's ability to communicate and collaborate


Children's play equipment is helpful for children's development, mainly in these aspects

First, the environment of children's amusement parks is mostly bright and clear without glare, which is very helpful for children's visual development. Suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years old.

Second, toys of different materials and shapes are very helpful for children's tactile development. Tactile sensations are not only distributed on the hands, but actually have tactile receptors on the skin.

Third, it is also very important to promote the development of children's proprioception. Through some difficult challenges, children can master their limbs more freely. The coordination and flexibility of movement are inseparable from the role of proprioception.

Fourth, it is beneficial to the training of the vestibular system of the child. Vestibular training is a very important aspect of balance. Rotating, shaking, and speeding movements all require the involvement of the vestibular system. Therefore, the training of the vestibular system is very good with swings, combined slides, merry-go-rounds, and pirate ships.

Fifth, the merry-go-round promotes balance training. In addition to the balance training of the vestibular system, there are other balance training, such as single bridges, balanced touch panels, trampolines.

Sixth, promote intellectual development training. Building blocks of different shapes and colors are very helpful for children to explore the characteristics of objects. The first choice of children's amusement park safety Su Gang pointed out that there are many items in children's amusement parks that are comprehensive training, so they are called sensory integration training.

Playing sand

Promote brain development

When playing with sand, children's hands, feet and brain will move together, which can exercise the baby's hands and feet's agility, which not only helps to promote physical development, but also promotes the brain's thinking ability.

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Develop children's interest in exploration

When children play with sand, they can feel the touch of the sand. Through their own attempts to explore different ways of playing, let the children have a preliminary feeling and understanding.


Stimulate the kids' imagination

When children play with sand, they can make a variety of different shapes for children to distinguish, and at the same time, they can make the shapes they want from the shapes they like.


Deepen parent-child relationship

while adults and children play together can help promote family relationships, and parents can also teach their children how to protect themselves.


Develop children's creativity

There is no fixed and inevitable way to play sand. After all, sand is flowing. Children can play with sand according to their own preferences and ideas. Through creation, they can stimulate intelligence and let children fully use their imagination and creativity.


Emotional satisfaction

While playing with sand, babies can play freely and freely, and have a natural and cheerful temperament, feel the joy of self-control, and have a happy mood. They are especially suitable for introverted personality, which can improve self-confidence and satisfaction.

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